Thanksgiving Day 2017-2018 Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving For Dinner

It’s unavoidable. Consistently, you design your Thanksgiving feast splendidly, and after that, right before the visitors arrive, you understand you’re feeling the loss of that one significant thing. We as a whole realize that stores like Walmart, H-E-B, CVS, and Walgreens can enable us to out when there’s no other option, yet at times we would prefer not to overcome the group. Luckily, there are various other range markets open on Thanksgiving for your very late needs (or, let’s be realistic, more brew).

Ali Baba International Market

Having some expertise in nourishments from Eastern Europe, Pakistan, India, Iran, and the Mediterranean, this market likewise has a huge choice of create on the off chance that you overlooked a basic element for one of your dishes. What’s more, you may very well locate another flavor to kick up your conventional occasion toll.

Open: 10 am-10 pm

9307 Wurzbach Rd. — 210-691-1111

Arlan’s Market

As advantageous as your corner Quickie Mart, Arlan’s is the stop when you require something beyond a pack of Xtra Cheezy Cheetos Mix-ups. The family-possessed chain offers nearly all that you would discover in a megastore, without the long lines.

6 am-3 pm

340 Old Hwy 90 West — 210-434-0694

2118 S Zarzamora St. Ste. 436 — 210-227-4197

3614 Pleasanton Rd. — 210-922-2159

Focal Market

H-E-B’s upscale basic supply chain may not be the go-to for Tide sticks when you tip the sauce pontoon onto your close relative’s new shirt, yet they have a lot of different things to make your Turkey Day supper a win, including blossoms and huge amounts of wine. Also, on the off chance that you wind up in a difficult situation with something you obtained there, you can call the “Occasion Hotline” at 210-368-8607 for offer assistance.

Open: 8 am-2 pm

4821 Broadway St. — 210-368-8600

La Fiesta

With a substantial deliver division and every one of the basics, La Fiesta is the place to go when you completely blanked on Thanksgiving Day. You may not discover a turkey, but rather who says you can’t serve pork?

Open: 7 am-3 pm

Various areas

La Michoacana Meat Market

The Texas chain is particularly known for reasonable cuts of meat. On the off chance that you wake up to a still solidified fowl, influence lemonade to out of lemons, start up the barbecue, and make a beeline for La Michoacana for a few steaks.

Open: 7 am-7 pm

Various areas


You won’t discover passageways of crisp fixings at this little market in Hotel Emma, however you can most likely cobble sufficiently together gourmet treats for a celebratory dinner. Additionally, in the event that you truly require a break from family, mixed drink bar Sternewirth is practically around the bend. When you’re late returning home with that additional jar of cranberry sauce, simply reprimand it on us.

Open: 6 am-6 pm

136 E. Grayson St. — 210-448-8355

Sasha’s European Market

Situated in a strip shopping center, Sasha’s is likewise a world away, having some expertise in the nourishments local to Russia and Eastern Europe. Attempt a couple of shapes of Polish frankfurter in your stuffing to switch things up, and keep in mind to stock up on Baltic brew.

Open: 10 am-2 pm

8023 Callaghan Rd. — 210-348-7788

Shahi IndoPak Groceries

Overlooked the dark colored and-serve rolls? Make a beeline for Shahi for a couple of bundles of naturally prepared naan. You may rouse another occasion convention.

Open: 10 am-10 pm

20323 Huebner Rd. — 210-481-2225


The wellbeing natural way of life is supplied with awesome deliver, a sizable mass area, and a lot of plant-based items which all proves to be useful when your veggie lover sibling out of the blue appears at your entryway. Besides, the brew and wine determination will help get you through making the additional supper.

Open: 7 am-4 pm

17700 N. US Hwy. 281 — 210-499-1446

8101 Callaghan Rd. — 210-979-8121


Affirm, so unless you are having a late supper you likely won’t have the capacity to influence a feast from a last-moment to stop to the retail monster. (All things considered, a bundle of string cheddar and a modest bunch of spaghetti does not macintosh and cheddar make.) But rather on the off chance that you require an additional vase to tszuj up your tablescape before visitors arrive, this might be your most solid option.

Open: 6 pm to midnight

Different areas

Entire Foods Market

Entire Foods has all that you should make your Martha Stewart Thanksgiving a reality, yet the hot bar is the place it’s at. Gather up a few vegetables in the morning and your visitors will never know you didn’t start to sweat.

Open: 8 am-3 pm

255 E. Basse Rd., St. 130 — 210-826-4676

18403 Blanco Rd. — 210-408-3110

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