Creme Des Palmier

How does it work?

Creme Des Palmier is natural which contain all the effective ingredients that is clinically approved. This cream is light weight hence it completely absorbs by the skin. Most powerful ingredients in it is Argireline which is also known as natural Botox. This cream helps you to give smoother skin ang more youthful. It mainly works by boosting the collagen production, which is natural substance in your skin that helps it firm and smooth. By boosting collagen this cream will help to erase all the wrinkles and restore youthful, radiant look of your skin. And as you are going to your older age the collagen production id drastically declines and due to collagen depletes, the moisture in your skin appear, skin loses elasticity, and some time notices frequent flakiness, fine lines and other problems too.


  • Hyaluranic Acid- This is the main ingredient which is known to hydrate the skin, that will enhance the moisture level for youthful appearance of your skin. It enhances skin tightness, brightness and smoothness.
  • Vitamin C- It help to enhance the production of collagen in the skin naturally, which will boost the resilience of the skin cell.
  • Sandalwood- It is known to improve the overall tone and flow of your skin.


  • It removes the aging skin from the skin.
  • It manages the balance of minerals to the skin.
  • It has the unique ingredient that contain Dead Sea in it.
  • Protects against the aging effects of free radicals.
  • Regenerate the damaged skin.
  • Youthful appearance as long as possible.
  • Diminish wrinkles and fine line from face.
  • It gives you attractive and glowing skin.
  • Nourishes your skin.
  • It is the best anti-aging cream.


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Creme Des Palmier
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